2019 – Entrepreneurship of the Year Reports

Business of the Year 2019 – Plasticor Ltd. (VMKIK, 2019)
“The Enterprise of the Year Award in Small Business category was awarded to Plasticor Plastic Processing Ltd. of Veszprém in 2019 for recognition of its high level professional activities.”
TOP 100 + 200 2019 (VMKIK, 2019)
Economy of Veszprém County: Dynamic track for automotive and tourism (VEOl, 2010)

“Building a stable and competitive supplier background is in line with the Samsonite Group’s strategic goal of replacing price-competitive but less flexible suppliers in the Far East with local suppliers closer to manufacturing sites.

Kresz and Fiedler Kft., Termoplast Kkt., Plasticor Kft. And Sárrét-Plast Zrt.”

“We already have about seventy employees, so processes that used to work well in the past need to be rethought. We are in the process of developing our organization, and we need to put our operations on a new footing so that we can work smoothly as a larger small company. I think that’s the key to survival: you always have to go one step or two.”

2015 – Their Strength is Unique (NAPLÓ)

“Just over 10 years ago, Plasticor Plastics Processing Ltd. started its operations, from ‘simple’ injection molding to special plastic technology.
Established in 2004, Plasticor Műanyagfeldolgozó Kft. Is a company characterized by continuous development, expansion of the portfolio, and increase in the number of employees.[…] They are moving towards automation because of this higher quality. ”

2012 – Human Fight and Trust (Forum Humanum)

“We cannot expect the economic boom from the bitterness, but only by continuing to work with faith and perseverance and by taking the example of Hungarian companies that are able to gain a competitive advantage through conscious construction.”

2011 – Plasticor Ltd. (Plastic and Rubber Magazine) strives for a higher class

“An ambitious young man with experience in plastic processing plants founded his company in 2004. The 3-person company already counted 15 people in February 2009, and currently provides a livelihood for 50 people.”

2010 – Because It’s Plastic (Weekly Answer)

“Spare parts for cars, radiators, radiators: just a few examples of products manufactured by Plasticor Kft. In Veszprém. According to the head of a plastics injection molding company, only their own products can become visible in this market. In just under six years, the company boasts two “inventions” in addition to hiring.”

2010 – Crisis of Manufacturers (Log)

“While some component manufacturers have taken the floor, Plasticor Ltd. is stepping up its activities.”

2009 – Come here with good heart (NAPLÓ)

“Despite the economic crisis, the investment target has not been lowered.[…] Despite the crash, they realized their ideas. They needed it to move on.”

2009 – Innovation is the foundation of the future (TOP100 publication)

“The Regional Innovation Cluster has been established on the initiative of the Veszprém County Chamber of Commerce and Industry to disseminate innovative thinking, to exchange good experiences in the field of innovation and to jointly implement good ideas.”

2008 – From Theory to Practice (NAPLÓ)

“To put a good idea into practice, many things need to be brought together: manufacturing capacity, market knowledge, relationship capital. Kornél Bódy wants to do a better job of helping the creators of ideas.”

2006 – The Secret to Success: Outstanding Expertise (Technical Magazine)

“Plasticor Kft. Of Veszprém was founded in April 2004 by Kornél Bódy – as a family business – and after two months, at the end of June production began.”

2005 – Small company but behaving big (NAPLÓ)

“The key to starting a new business before the machine and the person is the relationship system. The former two are easier to obtain, while the latter are difficult to obtain, even though they need access to the market.”

2005 – Introducing Plasticor Plastics Processing Ltd. (Plastic and Rubber Magazine)

“The CEO of a small family business that was founded in early 2004, has gained experience in plastics processing as a technical manager for various companies.”


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