Special technologies | Plastic injection molding
  • injection into the parting line
  • vertical molding
  • technical injection molding materials : PA, PPS, PPE, ABS, POM, PBT, ASA, PVC, PP, PS, PMMA, PC, …
  • thermoplastic “rubber injection molding”: TPE, TPU, TPE-V, PUR
  • 2-Component Injection Molding: Vertical, turnable table with robot
  • PVDF (Teflon-like,  chemical resistant, up to~ 120 ° C usable)
  • bio, wood injection molding
  • micro-injection molding with a 15 mm diameter screw for products under 1 gr shot weight
  • high tech plastics, like PEEK injection molding
  • cable head molding
  • phosphorescent, florescent plastics
  • magnetic, electrically conductive plastics
  • injection such plastics they changes their color when exposed to heat (different temperatures can be set, different colors can be selected)
  • ultrasonic welding
  • pad printing (also two color machine)

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