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Injected logistic tray

By eliminating the weaknesses of vacuum-formed trays at a comparable or cheaper tooling price. An alternative to vacuum forming, but still with a low tooling price and total cost.


  • manufactured with the advantages of the injection molding process, but at a similar tooling and product price
    • significantly better tray dimensional accuracy and rigidity for automated handling
    • more products fit (more dense placement is possible)
    • spikes and holes can be injected into it
    • sharp corners can be designed
    • fast production, even larger series at a lower price
    • ESD and normal design
    • flexible planning, consulting for product placement
    • even for unique, small series products
  • eliminating the disadvantages of vacuum forming
    • does not thin out
    • grid structure can also be injection molded

Measures: max 600×500

Areas of use:

  • automotive industry
  • electronics
  • medicine, medical applications
  • agriculture

Data to give for RFQ:

  1. 3D drawing, product contour
  2. tray size
  3. requested support points
  4. restrictive conditions for placement (fragile parts, wires…)
  5. place of exception and space requirements
  6. entering weight, center of gravity point,
  7. max. tray weight, height
  8. stacking height

Delivery: shrink-wrapped on a pallet

To the RFQ


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