Self-developed pipe clamp fastening system | Plastic injection molding

Plasticor Product – Pipe clamping system

(designed to be flexibly adaptable to new needs, shapes)

Features:  Stable, low cost, versatile modular design

It is very advantageous to use:

– line work
– for elements to be covered (in concrete, under plasterboard…)
– electrical installation, heating systems
– with suitable head: image, mirror mounting

Flexibly variable:

– head design (single or double sided, snap, sines, hook, …)
– locking pin design
– Bore diameters:… 5, 6, 8, 10…; can be threaded

Different handrail options for different materials, color, material changes – one drill, one punch and you’re done! Save time and money!

New type design:  from 5 – 10,000 pieces

Delivery:  1000 pieces / box and 100 nylons, but also by arrangement.

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