Self-developed pipe clamp fastening system | Plastic injection molding

Find out which fastener and which head design you need, we will implement it economically

Freely and independently formable head and fixing part in the proiduction mould: designed to flexibly adapt to new needs and shapes, with low tooling costs.

Properties: formable fixing part: for concrete, brick, plasterboard, adobe, etc.
For threading in/out with a threaded screw, or a handrail solution.
The head part can be fixed molded on or can be used with an adapter to mount several toppings

A solution without nails! One drill, one punch, and you’re done!

Different shape design options for different materials, possibility of color and material changes!

It can be changed flexibly:

– head design (single or double-sided, snap-on, sines, hook, …)
– fixing dowel part design
– Hole diameters:…5, 6, 8, 10…; it can also be threaded

– professional advice
– innovative approach
– modeling, testing
– advice on material selection and design with our engineering office

Development of a new type: design and production of the tool insert in-house and then serial production (low cost)

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