Our founding owner, based on his decades of experience in injection molding, has established the Company for a decade and a half to serve its customers with plastic injection molding products (PC, PBT, PA6, PA6.6, PA12, ABS, POM, PEEK, PP, PPS, PVDF, PVC, ESD products…).

Plastic injection molding with traditional technology

At our site we operate nearly two dozen injection molding machines, their number is constantly increasing. There are mainly ENGEL machines, but there are several ARBURG machines, and FANUC and Wittmann electric injection molding machines are also on the palette. The machines have a closing force ranging from 20 tonnes to 550 tonnes with a maximum injection weight of 900 grams.

Flexibility in production is supported by technological solutions such as vertically adjustable screws, vertically adjustable closing area for insert work, vertical injection molding, from center slideable screws, core pulling, piezoelectric pressure measuring. Our plastic production is supported by the FIFO-based inventory and BAR code-controlled production management system.

Robotization of manufacturing processes serves to meet technological challenges. Currently, half of our machnine park is supplied with robots, but the process is far from complete. We mainly specialize in the large-scale production of thermoplastic materials, which serve our key customers primarily in the automotive and electronics industries. At the same time, the parts we manufacture are incorporated into finished medical, furniture and construction products. The predominance of traditional technology does not mean that we cannot meet specific needs. Find out more about the special technologies we use here.

The detailed injection molding machine list:

Engel HL barless injection molding machines
25-450 tons closing force and 2K (two component) injection molding
2 E-mac 100 to fully electric machines, 4 servo hydraulic
15 pcs
Arburg injection molding machine
20-200 tons closing force
injection into the parting line, vertical injection
0-607 grams product weight
5 pcs
180-300 tons closing force
Up to 350 grams product weight
2 pcs
110 tons closing force
1 pc
550 tons closing weight
1 pc
Plastic injection molding with traditional technology


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